How to Build the Shopify Store,

including selecting your Shopify plan, setting configuration, apps you need to have in the store and, building the product list. It is not about the design but behind the scenes. So you can ensure that once you start selling and once you are getting payments from customers, there are no issues.

1.Setting up your Shopify account

Try Shopify 14 days for free (no credit card needed)

• Enter your Email Address > Start Free trial

• Then you have given little information about your self as they as “Tell us a little about yourself” and fill below sections

1. Are you already selling? Depending on the situation you select an answer from the list
2. Do you have something to sell?
3. What is your current revenue? You should put a slightly higher estimate, in that way you can scale your business and price in Shopify unless they get a little suspicious about how is this new business doing so well
Click on NEXT >

• Add an address so you can get paid. Here you need to enter the required personal information > enter my store

• Then, you are IN, You can see the Shopify dashboard!
Browse> Sign in >Creat your store> Tell us a little about yourself> Next> Add an address to get paid> Enter my store

2.Select a Shopify Plan

• Better to select the basic Shopify plan for $29 per month.
• Confirm the plan by entering payment data.

3.Settings Configuration

• There are several tabs in general from all you need to change some important settings before start using the account

  1. Payment providers
    – If you did not change the settings, they will hold your money
    – Set up your PayPal account – If your email already associated with a PayPal account they automatically select your account
    – You don’t need to add anything else
  1. Checkout
  • Customer accounts

Choose if you want to prompt your customer to create an account when they check out.

  1. Shipping
    – Another important setting you must change because the default Shopify shipping settings are not configured with dropshipping
    – Click on the default shipping methods and delete them
    – In the beginning, it is always better to have the ‘Free shipping’ option because it makes your selling easier.
  • The rest of the world price rate should be changed. Add price based rates> type ‘Free Standard Insured Shipping / Free Shipping’ > Do not change anything else > tick on the free shipping rate > done
    – Do the same for the domestic option as well
Click this to change the Shipping

Domestic & Rest of the world Shipping price

Rest of the world price

Final Shipping Settings

Rest of the world price

  1. Notification
    – This is about what your customer will be receiving, nothing has to be changed
  1. Legal
    – Here you can customize privacy policy, return policy, and other policies as your wish with the details you want
    • Other settings you can keep by default
    • For the smoothness of the process,
  1. General
– Store details

Shopify and your customers will use this information to contact you.

– Store address

This address will appear on your invoices. You can edit the address used to calculate shipping rates in your shipping settings

– Standards and formats

Standards and formats are used to calculate product prices, shipping weights, and order times.

– Store currency

This is the currency your products are sold in. After your first sale, currency is locked in and can’t be changed.

4.Essential apps You Need to Have in Your Dropshipping Store

  • For the smoothness of the process, you need to have few apps with you.
    1. Dropfied or Orbelo
  • These two apps are the same in functions but you can select either according to your preference.
    • Dropfied is comparatively more user friendly and has more functions. Yet you need to pay for it. So if you are capable of going for an investment in your business you can proceed with dropfied.
  • Orbelo is also the same functioning app and it is free. There are some limitations compared to Dropfied, yet you can begin with it.

2.Ali Reviews – Review Importer

  • Obviously, you need a review app for your listings and the best option is Ali Reviews- Review Importer.
    • By using this app, you can directly go to the Ali Express link and instantly import the review to your product in your store!.
    • You are fingertips away to get better reviews.
    • Reviews are not a must in selling, but this is highly recommended because it catches the buyer easily and makes the selling easier.

5.There are Few things you need to think about when Selecting a Hot Selling Product!

Sample Product
    1. Does the product solve a problem?
    2. Does the product add convenience for the customers?
    3. Does the product make the customer confident in using it?
    4. Does the product save customer’s time and money?
    5. Does the product fill a gap in the market?
    6. Is this product unique/ new to the market?

6. How to Select the Best Selling Products, Competitive Analyze, Products Nich Analyze.

  • Before using the account for anything, it is better to get an idea of the product list that you are going to sell
  • Keep a product list simply using an Excel Sheet
  • But before that, you need to select ” what Am I going to sell in my store?”
  • The more uniqueness of your product leads you to have more sales
  • Then, you can search for any of the products you like and get the details of each product, and make a list for further references.
Product Organizer
  • The name of the products :- Type the Product Name
  • Ali Express Product Link:- Find the Aliexpress Product Which you Find From Product Research Methods.
  • Competitor ad Link :- Find the Competitors Dropshipping Product Link ( Facebook) for Each Products
  • Competitor Store link:- Find the Competitors Dropshipping Stores for Each product
  • Mark the Niche – Select the Appropriate Niche for an each Product.
  • The reason for getting a competitor advertisement link is, you can get a better understanding of what they do to sell the product as both of you sell the same product.
  • Ad niche allows you to find a better market place where you can sell your products.
  • If you did not find any competitor details in Ali Express, without a worry you can check it on any other platform like Amazon, because you just need to get an idea of what are the competitive products and sellers are.

When all these are done, you are about to start selling and earn dollars!

Same time, do not forget to have a brandable name for your store!

Try Shopify 14 days for free (no credit card needed)

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