Are You Interested in Starting Your Own automation eCommerce business in the United States?

OK, but still don’t have any resource, do not worry! Dropshipping is the ideal option for you.
In dropshipping, you can sell and earn even without touching, storing, or seeing the product. You are working as an agent but still, you get a higher amount.
But is it difficult to start?
Not at all, Shopify is the easiest solution. By using it we can learn, how to launch your own Shopify Store in as little as 2 hours…

Without Paying Big Bucks to Some “Guru”!
Keep reading and you will start to believe me

What You Are Going To Learn;
This Guide Shows the Exact Step-by-Step Process you can use to get your Shopify Store up and running TODAY!!!

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What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model that helps entrepreneurs begin an online business and trade products to their customers without even stocking the stuff themselves. When a dropshipping store trades a product, it buys the item from a third-party. Then the item gets shipped straight to the customer.

It is simply selling products from a source that they will fulfill and ship to your customers directly. It is where you don’t hold the stock of the product or keep an inventory.

For example, the product you sell a product by Shopify store and shop by a store you go for the websites such as Aliexpress and you purchase the product and you see the difference between two stores and you can sell it to $40, and you pay $20 for Aliexpress. SO you have $20 of profit.
And you never need to physically handle or package any of your orders. SO you can use sources to dropshipping from,

Dropshipping is a business model that helps entrepreneurs begin an online business and trade products to their customers without even stocking the stuff themselves. When a dropshipping store trades a product, it buys the item from a third-party. Then the item gets shipped straight to the customer.

Shopify provides dropshipping, a lower-risk methodology for free businesses to test out different product ideas. There is no need to own and pay for the product. It’s a commercial model that permits countless people to partake in entrepreneurship. Shopify benefits to commence a money-making dropshipping business. We can incorporate our Shopify store with Oberlo and many other dropshipping apps.

• First and lowest barrier to entry, Chinese suppliers

1.Aliexpress is a great hub, it is a consumer website in china. Asian people use to purchase it even popular in the USA as well. But the benefit of Ali express is that you get items much cheaper than in the USA


3.DealExtreme are the websites doing the same thing

Private agents, when you are getting $1000 a day or getting 30 orders a day you want to start with working as a private agent. It is like you have direct contact in china where you can access directly to manufacturers….. and a bulk order with that agent to your warehouse. It is a plan for your future – Wholesale company ( Parent company of Aliexpress)

• USA suppliers, same thing as private agents but strictly holding your products in united states and as benefits extremely fast shipping, variety of other things

What are the “Benefits” of Dropshipping?

No upfront inventory cost, you got the sale and you don’t have to order before getting that sale
• Easier to physically manage as opposed to having stock on hand at the start, so instead of having a thousand units when you first getting started, and you can test products and see what’s working and then develop from then and there
Fewer risks are involved. When it comes to dropshipping vs inventory definitely less risk involved because you place an order for a thousand pieces and you stuck with them because you cannot move the cost for a unit. That is more stressful. If the product did not sell you gonna try another one
• You can test many products in a short period of time without the hurdle of stocking up

What are the Cons of Dropshipping?

• Your profit margins are lower due to increased shipping costs, and the product cost.
• You have less control over your supply chain, when you are trusting your suppliers we don’t know what kind of a relationship they have with us.
• Typically you will have a slower shipping time.
• Poor customer service.

Even though there are cons, you can start up by making mistakes and leveling up. In the initiation, you are going to have slower shipping and problems. So you can make understand the customers how long will it take to ship the order and …..
Developing your strategy to succeed…

Growth strategies for an eCommerce business

Paid advertisements are one of the best ways. It does cost money to advertise so if you have a little bit of budget or cash flow, or you have $ 0 in your hand, start a job or work and invest that in your business. If you already have money, don’t be scared to invest it in your business. Because those are the risks you create your future. We can do, Facebook ads, google advertising and Pinterest or Linked In, etc.,
Influencive marketing, reaching out for the pages who have more followers, and yet they are niches like you. You can pay them to push your product, so they can put your link in the bio
• Email marketing,
• Organic growth. (SEO)

Influence Marketing

  1. Very powerful for brand building (HiSmile, GymShark)
  2. Instant trust in the customer’s eyes
  3. Can be used to sell products on a general store
  1. Not easily scalable
  2. It is not very analytical
  3. With the general store business model. It’s a guessing game

Google AdWords

  1. Google shopping works great for eCommerce
  2. Extremely trackable and analytical
  3. Very consistent once you find something that works
  1. Typically it is not very scalable
  2. Not the best platform for testing products
  3. The real benefit is in using it to increase revenue after you’ve found something that is working

Email marketing

• There is a little value in it when you are starting from square one.
1.You need customers to market to, without those it is worthless.
• Once you begin to grow your business and develop a customer base email marketing can be the outlet that builds trust and a relationship with your customer.
• On a general store, it’s harder to optimize but still very possible to increase revenue with email marketing and an essential place to your puzzle.

Facebook ads

• Currently one of the strongest ways to grow and scale an eCommerce business.
• Once you develop the skillset you can use Facebook ads to grow any type of business.
• Extreme room for scalability.
• Facebook is the biggest social media platform on the internet.

E-Commerce Strategy For Dropshipping USA 2021

1.Find a product that fits my testing criteria.
2.Upload product to my Shopify store
3.Create an advertisement to post on my store’s Facebook page
4.Using my targeting strategy, target potential customers that may be interested in the product
5.Customer sees the ad on their Facebook feed
6.Customer goes to the store and through the checkout process
7.generate sales
8.Then continue to build a relationship and offer that customer more productivity through email marketing.

Why You are Not Successful Yet????

These things have been used by successful people, There is no secret to success but, one trait that common among many of the top entrepreneurs/athletes,
The ‘Success’ trait:
• There truly no secret to this process, and there never will be.
• Though some people seem to radiate certain energy of success and seem to constantly be growing and leaving up every time you see them.
• The trait that all successful people have is available to you.
This trait consists of 2 factors:


1) Consistent Daily Discipline

Need to figure out income-generating actions, and just have your time every day consistently.
This is not something that is cultivated overnight…. It takes practice and the only way to build it up is by putting forth effort every day so initially, you’ll feel a wave of motivation and it will soon fall off.
The quickest way to build up this by finding a simple daily habit you enjoy:
• Reading
• Working out
• Meditating
• Cooking
• Or whatever you like the most

Consistency is contagious: when you begin to pursue consistency in one aspect of your life, and it spreads. The time flies and you need to decide what you can do every day with simple disciplines.

2) Optimism Towards Your Goal

At the starting phases, this can be hard to develop.. especially if you are in a negative environment.
You have to learn to tunes out the noise around you.
The best way to build optimism is ‘Progress’ because every little milestone gives you the trust that you can do it
After you prove yourself it’s possible, you don’t need anyone’s approval
The quickest killer of optimism is overthinking,

1.You MUST be taking action, there is NO way around it
2.80% of the thoughts that come through your brain are nonsense’
These are two factors that you have COMPLETE control over,

If you can begin working towards them daily your life will transform.

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